Network of Free Local Politicians

We are free people!
The highest value for us is a person and his personal liberties. We recognize and adhere to the natural human rights - to life, freedom, dignity, property, as the fundamental values ​​of any human community.

We are Ukrainians!
Citizens of Ukraine, who, regardless of their ethnic background, consider themselves successors to more than a thousand-year history of the Ukrainian people and connect with him and Ukraine their future. We remember and respect those who fought for Ukrainian statehood at all times. We consider it our duty to continue their work, to preserve and develop for our descendants the Ukrainian cathedral state as a multinational and multicultural one.

We are Europeans!
Being part of the European community, we are confessing European values. The basic human rights, the principles of democracy, the rule of law and European principles of self-government are the basis for the development of the Ukrainian state.

As responsible citizens, we believe that wealth and well-being of each are the result of personal work. We stand for civil solidarity and social responsibility. Recognize the equality of men and women, the right to equality and freedom of expression of all people, regardless of racial, national, linguistic and other differences. We are convinced that a market economy based on private property and the rule of law is a guarantee of public welfare and a guarantee of development.

We argue that the Ukrainian community is capable of self-organization, the development of local self-government and the application of mechanisms of direct and representative democracy. Decentralization and allocation of powers and resources between local self-government and public authorities should be based on the principle of subsidiarity. Only the activity of citizens is a guarantee of real local self-government!

This text is agreed by MVMP participants at the Constituent Forum

June 28-30, 2014 in the city of Kiev.

Оргкомітет МВМП


Main and stand-by list of participants of the MVMP Forum

Main and stand-by list of participants of the MVMP Forum

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